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I find myself repeating words and sometimes forgetting them altogether. Wordtune helps me to articulate myself more clearly.
Any tool that makes my job easier and more creative is my instant favourite.
Although I've introduced you to Wordtune in the past, I'd like to focus on why I use it every day and how it can help you!

👍 Advantages of using Wordtune:

  • The best thing about it is that their Chrome extension is completely free! Although they say only 25 edits per day on their pricing plan, I feel that they offer more than that. I've never hit the "limit" even though I use it almost every day to edit my emails, tweets, newsletter, etc.
  • You get almost 10+ suggestions for every sentence you want to 'rephrase'. That's so cool!
  • You can re-write either a whole sentence or just a part of it.
  • You can write a sentence in a foreign language and re-write it using Wordtune which automatically converts to English for you.
  • "Tones" of writing includes Casual & Formal.
  • If you ever want to shorten or expand a sentence, they've a feature for that too! How many times have you dreaded shortening tweets?
  • Wordtune works on your favourite websites: Docs, Twitter, LinkedIn, Gmail, Slack, and more!

👎 Disadvantages of using MDX:

  • When you use AI Writing tools heavily, you will eventually find that you're losing your "unique writing voice". Make sure to use this tool only when absolutely necessary.
  • It's a time consuming process to edit each sentence in a paragraph using Wordtune because it suggests one by one and not all at the same time.
  • I'd really like to see some Analytics feature to analyze my writing structure and where I'm using this tool. Mostly like how Grammarly sends their monthly reports.

✨ Similar websites to explore:

  • Copy.ai - Faster, Fresher,‍ Better Copy
  • Headlime - Writing copy has never been easier.


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