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Typedream is a No-Code site builder, easy as Notion, pretty as Webflow.

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No-Code tools are quickly becoming people's favourite and most of them are overwhelmed by choices on what to choose. Well, here's another tool that would make your life easier! Sorry to add this to your never-ending "no-code tools to try" but you cannot miss out on this! :)

👍 Advantages of building things with Typedream:

  • Familiar Notion-like interface.
  • Learning curve is definitely lower compared to Webflow.
  • Comes with all SEO benefits.
  • Built-in templates / sections for SaaS Landing Pages, Portfolios, etc.

🛠 Check out what people built with Typedream:

I love the Showcase and Marketplace where you can find inspiration from other builders. You can also "Duplicate" them from Marketplace! These are my favourite so far:
  1. Personal Website, Reimagined.
  1. Cambrean.
  1. Notion Journal.

👎 Limitations:

I'm sure they'll be working on these features soon but here are my quick observations. I'm yet to explore more but I think you can solve these for now by using their 'embed code' feature.
  • No direct integration with database tools like Airtable
  • No integrations with popular ESPs like MailChimp, EmailOctopus, MailerLite

✨ Similar websites to explore:

  • Unicorn Platform - Simplest drag & drop landing page builder for startups, mobile apps, and SaaS.
  • Softr - The easiest way to build Internal Tools, Client Portals, and more with Airtable.
  • Carrd - Simple, free, fully responsive one-page sites for pretty much anything.


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