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Best way to go down intelligent rabbit holes that you don't usually stumble upon your Twitter or Instagram feed.

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Newsletter Discovery Platforms are popular than you imagine. The Sample is one of the unique newsletter discovery platforms I have come across so far. It is also the best way to go down intelligent rabbit holes that you don't usually stumble upon your Twitter or Instagram feed. You can curate this discovery tool based on your interests.
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👍 Advantages of using The Sample:

  • Unlike other discovery platforms where I have to manually browse their website to subscribe to newsletters, Sample delivers newsletters based on my interests every now and then.
  • It is also a great platform to acquire new subscribers for my newsletter. These subscribers tend to be your ideal audience since they select the topics before subscribing to The Sample.
  • They've around 1000+ newsletters, so the chances of discovering new newsletters are higher than getting the same newsletter in your inbox.
  • One of their amazing features is the "1-click" subscribe which removes all kinds of friction to subscribe to the newsletters you want to read more of.
  • If you're a newsletter writer, you can also pay them to send your newsletter issues to subscribers. It's based on cost-per-acquisition.
  • Serendipity. ✨

👎 Disadvantages of using The Sample:

  • It takes a little time for the algorithm to understand your interests and deliver newsletters tailored to you. I'm sure they're working to better their algorithm every day.
  • I wish they had an option to select whether I want to receive daily, weekly, or monthly newsletters.
  • I wish they also had a separate tab on my dashboard where I can see what newsletters I was forwarded until now and if I missed opening any. I'd love to have a personal directory on my dashboard.

✨ Similar websites to explore:

  • Mereku - A social discovery platform for quality newsletter writing that is informative, unique, and diverse.


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