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Your brain was made for having ideas, not storing them. In an era of information overload, having a second brain has become essential. Our brain is non-linear and we jump from idea-to-idea, all the time.
This is where tools like Reflect can help us associate ideas so that they are easier to remember and recall.

👍 Advantages of using Reflect:

I've used Obsidian, RemNote, and Roam but they all come with their complexities and have huge learning curves. It took me at least 4-7 days to understand their features and how to fully take advantage of them. Reflect's UI is super intuitive and any noob (like me) can get started within minutes.
  • Syncing Google Calendar to create a template for all meeting notes.
  • Backlinking these meeting notes with relevant tags so you can see all meeting notes with different people or different departments under one tag.
  • You can sync your Kindle highlights & notes which is really cool!
  • You can publish your Kindle notes and share it with a public link.
  • Sync your contacts from Google and it will create a separate tag for them under #people.
  • Its chrome extension comes with a highlight feature with which you can highlight anything on the web & it will sync with the Reflect app under #links tag.
  • All the tags are categorized as Books, Links, People, and custom tags you create on the app. I really love this feature!
  • It obviously comes with the Graph feature and Dark mode.
Check out my public link for notes on The Great Mental Models, Vol. 1.

👎 Limitations:

  • They don't have a feature to upload images while taking notes.
  • I had trouble with syncing my meetings.
  • There's no Discord or any group to connect with other Reflect note-takers.
  • I couldn't create a separate folder within Reflect app.

✨ Similar websites to explore:

  • Obsidian - A second brain, for you, forever.
  • RemNote - Your Thinking and Learning Workspace


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