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Ever wondered how people curate newsletters? How do I curate my newsletter? How do I keep up with the never-ending content that's updated on the internet every day? It's through Refind. Or, through apps like Refind.
Refind curates 5 most relevant links from around the web, tailored to your interests. With summaries by the authors and highlights by the community.

👍 Advantages of using Refind:

  • Refind sends you 5 curated links based on your interests. Not only that, based on your "favourite" celebrities. This way, you don't have to visit their profiles to stay in the loop.
  • Although Refind advertises it as "5 links", you can actually increase the number of links to 20. I personally find this is the best way to stay up to date with what's going on in the fields I'm interested in.
  • Refind has a "Reading list" to save all your interesting links.
  • It also has a "Library" where your most helpful content can live forever.
  • "Explore" is where you go and find interesting links to browse and read.
  • It also has Instagram-like stories to keep up with the celebrities you want to follow.
  • Let's say you're interested in diving deep into a topic, you can subscribe to a 'Deep Dive' on Refind. Dozens of experts are ready to introduce you to the best articles and videos from their field of expertise.
  • If you're a curator, you'll love Refind. Read more about it on this link.
  • They have a mobile app on both Apple Store & Google Play Store. You can also download their Chrome plug-in to save links quickly and read on the go!
  • You can earn their Premium plan with only 10 referrals! How cool is that?

👎 Disadvantages of using Refind:

  • It can quickly get overwhelming when you're on Refind.
  • Their main dashboard looks too busy when I increase the number of links I want to read. I feel they can improve their UX in this area.
  • No integration with Notion. It only supports Pocket for now.

✨ Similar websites to explore:

  • Bookshlf - A media curation platform for the curious-minded.
  • Pocket - Put knowledge in your Pocket.
Check out how my Refind profile looks like and join Refind here!


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