Polywork: It's important that the world knows what you can do 🚀

A new professional social network platform for people to express who they are, beyond their job title.

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What do you do?
It's a question we've all been asked. By our friends, our parents, our aunts, uncles, and grandparents. We all do such wonderful things, personal and professional, within our 9-5 pm and outside of it.
We are problem solvers, coders, no-coders, podcasters, YouTubers, content creators, investors, and more...all at the same time. Yet existing networks fail to empower us to represent who we are. They've suppressed our identities to a single arbitrary label - a job title.
Few people try to create a website to tell their stories. But the real icing on the cake?
No one will ever find your website (or your work).
This is what Polywork is about. All these different aspects together creating your identity - who you are, what you care about, and what you're capable of.

👍 Advantages of using Polywork:

  • A beautiful profile where the timeline is filled with the work you're putting out in the wild and not just your "position" at a company. You can also connect your profile to a domain.
  • "Badges" that get displayed on your profile. Whether you identify as a Data Scientist or a Writer or a Visual Designer or all of them, you can do this with badges!
  • Update "What you're working on..." and let others know about your current side projects.
  • Enabling "Opportunity Preferences". Looking for partnering up with others for your side projects or open to partner? This amazing option will enable you to connect with like-minded people in your area of interest.
  • You can also enable it to give feedback on others' resumes, contribute to others' open source projects, guest lecturing, volunteering, philanthropy, and many more...
  • Find out who's working on what through their 'Multiverse' feature once you sign-up.
  • Use their "space station" feature to invite people to your podcast, guest lectures, partner up on side projects, and find advisors.
This enables me to find the best people in few categories.
  1. Cassidy Williams - Making memes and dreams... and software
  1. Rashad - Creative A&R
  1. Giselle Hernandez - Social Media Manager
  1. ...and mine!

👎 Limitations:

  • Currently "What everyone's doing" feature has only limited "tags" to check what others are working on. I wish they had the "badges" which I created so I can find like-minded people faster.
  • I wish they had a section where they display how 2 people "partnered up through Polywork" to work on a side project. This will give me enough confidence to reach out to others as well as learn about others' success stories.

✨ Similar websites to explore:

  • ReadCV - A professional platform used by people across the world to form beautiful profiles and meaningful connections.
  • LinkedIn - Our good ol' LinkedIn for professional networking.


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