Motion: To-do lists & calendars are dead. 📆

There's a new way to get 25% more done. Meet Motion.

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The app that uses artificial intelligence to optimize your day.
It takes all of your tasks. All of your meetings. And builds one perfect schedule.
Only 62 cents a day!

👍 Advantages of using Motion:

  • The best thing about Motion is that it syncs *all* calendars' meetings to one calendar. So, if you have a personal & professional calendar, Motion is the best choice for you.
  • Motion is also a powerful way to combine your calendar with your to-do list. View everything in one place. Motion combines your to-do list, meetings, and calendar into one view.
  • I get tired just by trying to prioritize my tasks. Now, Motion does it for me using AI.
  • Don’t worry when plans change. Motion will shift your uncompleted tasks to new times and days.
  • Never miss a project deadline. Motion schedules your tasks by deadline. So you always finish them on time.
  • Meet less. Set a daily meeting limit. Motion won’t allow others to schedule meetings on your calendar if you've met the limit.
  • Take care of yourself. Create tasks for exercising, meditating, and learning. Motion will block time on your calendar every day.
  • Send meeting emails - without ever writing one!
  • It's only 62 cents a day!

👎 Disadvantages of using Motion:

  • They don't have a free plan. But they have a free trial. Also, they have a very convincing Pricing page if you care to look at it.
  • However, if you think your company afford it, you and all your co-workers can get 4 months of Motion for free.
  • Their onboarding process is heavily dependent on watching their pre-recorded Loom videos. I wish they can improve this so I don't have to sit and watch to understand how to make full use of Motion.

✨ Similar websites to explore:

  • Clockwise - Escape the chaos of work and find your focus with Clockwise
  • TidyCal - Simple is better. The best, most affordable calendar booking solution in the world.
  • SavvyCal - Sending your scheduling link shouldn't feel weird.


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