Half-Yearly Review Workbook by Vensy Krishna

Considering where you'll be in 6 months can often lead to a good amount of anxiety, especially when the previous six months haven’t gone according to plan.

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We often focus on and dwell on our difficulties, or become overwhelmed by the enormity of the goals we want to achieve.
This half-yearly workbook will help you reflect on your last six months, perform a life audit, visualize your ideal second half of the year, and plan how to achieve your goals.

How I use the half-yearly workbook:

I have set my yearly goals with good intentions but did not expect the second wave of COVID & did not plan to quit my job. These 2 things and many other unexpected things have happened anyway.
When I look back at the last 6 months, I only remember good things & milestones I reached. However, using this guide, I dug deep into what went wrong and how I could have done it differently if I had the chance.
This guide helped me in ways I couldn't even imagine! It's always best to be prepared than to just wing it.
You can get this for free by replying to this tweet or pay for it.
If you're curious about my progress so far & my next 6 months goals, check this thread.

What problems it solves:

  • Helped me walk through the past 6 months & reflect on what went well and what went wrong.
  • Helped me in visualizing my "ideal" day for the next 6 months
  • Provided me with a free template to set my goals & make a plan of action
  • Achieved mental clarity and already finished ~10 tasks that helped me progress towards my "banner" goals.

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