Fueler - Social platform for the #ambitious ⚡

Fueler is a social platform to showcase your proof of work.

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"Degrees are optional. Proof of work is not."
~ Sahil Lavingya, Founder of Gumroad
Your proof of work deserves a place where you can build an economy around your identity. Fueler turns your proof of work into social capital that brings you exciting opportunities.
In a world where degrees are quickly becoming obsolete, proof of work will ensure you have skills that are valuable. Tools like Fueler can make that possible by showcasing all your work in one single place that leads you to take up interesting and better opportunities that will help you grow.

👍 Advantages of using Fueler:

  • Showcase your cool projects and get inspired by 1000+ other creators through their Discover.
  • Analytics for your profile.
  • Best place for generalists who possess multi-skills.
  • Share your Fueler link while applying for a commissioned project.
  • Share your Fueler link with collaborators to help them understand you better through your work.
  • Share your Fueler link while applying for jobs, internships, or freelancing to stand out from the crowd.
  • Go through these use-cases to find out if it's for you. (I'm sure it is!)

🛠 Check out few profiles built on Fueler:

  • Anshu Shandilya is a Generalist who's into Digital Marketing, Content Creation, SaaS sales, Copywriting.

👎 Limitations:

  • I love the concept of connecting with other creators to collaborate with them. However, there's no "chat" feature inside Fueler to connect with them.
  • Hosting my fueler profile as vidya(dot)fueler(dot)com or on my personal domain would be so cool!
  • A place where I can collect e-mails who's interested in my work so I can send regular updates is missing.
  • I wish I could share my "stack" instead of just skills. Tools almost always bring collaborators together.

✨ Similar websites to explore:

  • Spore - The easy way to engage with your fans
  • Identid - Create your online portfolio in less than 5 minutes


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