Three-tiered Freelance Pricing Calculator by Neville Medhora

If you are a freelancer or are working on a side project that you want to monetize, the question of "how do I price this?" may seem daunting. You might find this tool helpful!

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Often freelancers underestimate their value and are afraid to ask for a lot of money so they don't scare away the client. This is where the Three-tiered Freelance Pricing Calculator comes in handy.

How I use Three-tiered Freelance Pricing Calculator:

Every project is different. I freelance for copywriting, designing, and writing emails. So the question I ask myself is "What's the minimum amount am I willing to make on this project?"
That gives me a clear starting point + the three-tiered pricing technique will always give me room for negotiating a better price and providing better service for my clients.

What problems it solves:

  • Helps me get better prices for different projects
  • Don't have to be afraid of asking "too much" for Premium services
  • It always has a minimum package so I don't scare away the client


  • Still have to research a bit for the "minimum" price
  • Doesn't take into account the administrative tasks we have to do. Ex: Sending invoices, following-up, etc.

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