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As a reader of Curious Bunch, I know you like to go down rabbit holes and find interesting links. What happens once you find that interesting link? You save it as a bookmark. And, then? Sadly, most of these links are lost to the bookmark graveyard.
Let's change that with Bkmark!

๐Ÿ‘ Advantages of using Bkmark:

  • Unlimited bookmarks on the Free plan.
  • You can organize your bookmarks into collections and share them with your friends. This is one of my favourite features!
  • Browser extension to save links with a shortcut.
  • Save Twitter threads by tagging their Twitter account. How cool is that?
  • Comes with affordable plans if you're a Creator or have a Team.
  • Save links from meetings and emails.
  • Slack, Notion, and GitHub integrations are in active development.
  • Find your bookmarks instantly with their advanced search tool.
  • Password-protected Collections.
  • Unlimited Tags and they are AI-powered!
Browse through their full feature list on their pricing page.

๐Ÿ›  Check out how a public collection looks like on Bkmark:

  • Boris Tane'sย Bookmark Collections - Bootstrap Library, Essays, Music for programming, Freebies, Internet Gems, and more.
  • Harish Garg'sย Bookmark Collections - GPT-3 Resources, Inspiring Startup stories, Podcasts.
  • Calin Drimbau'sย Bookmark Collections - Startup lessons and Essential Product reads for startups.

โœจ Similar websites to explore:

  • Pocketย -ย Put knowledge in your Pocket.
  • Lxiย -ย Let your bookmarks organize themselves.


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